Can I change the time of my scheduled video interview?

No and yes. We have scheduled 180 interviews and it is very difficult to swap between candidates. If it is impossible for you to conduct the interview at the time given, please email ASAP. We will then do our best to find a new time for you

Can I complete the test after the deadline?

No, after the deadline the link to the test will no longer work and you will not be able to submit the test. If for some reason you cannot finish the test in time please contact before the dealine.

Can I send in my application after the last day of application?

No, we have a very tight schedule and do not accept late applications.

How do I translate my grades into the application form?

Since there are very many different grading systems around the world, we have used some of the most common for the F15 program and also a percentage which you can use. Try to relate your own grades to the percentage and be honest. If you are between two grades, please chose the one you feel best represents your results.

I have problems completing my application, what am I doing wrong?

It is probably either due to the size of the files (please make sure they do not exceed 10MB in total) or to the format of the files (PDF is the best format). Otherwise contact for support. Please remember to gather all your files into one document.

I have problems completing the test!

Read the instructions carefully. In the information given in the e-mail you also have some tips regarding common problems and contact information to the support team at the test supplier. If it still doesn't work for you please

In the application form it says 255 character. What does that mean?

Characters is letters, numbers and symbols not words. However, the system does not automatically restrict you from writing more than 255 characters. Keep in mind that we are looking for short, powerful, carefully written and well thought-out answers, not a long essay.

Is it true that I will not get feedback until after the application window closes?

Yes, since we start reading and evaluating all the applications after the deadline, we cannot give you any feedback until then.

When do I get notice of my success/failure in the process?

You will receive a confirmation e-mail once you apply which includes all information and dates for the process.

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